Subcontractors are important to the work and mission of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)and the Department of Energy (DOE). ORNL Property Management provides guidance and assistance for subcontractors who have government-owned property. Subcontractors can acquire property in a variety of ways:

  • government-furnished property (GFP)
  • subcontractor-acquired (SAP)
  • leased
  • fabricated

All property, regardless of the value, must be tracked while in the possession of a subcontractor. Exceptions are consumable items (e.g., glass, drill bits, nails, wood, etc.) and parts/components of larger systems.

Subcontractors with government-owned property are required to safeguard, maintain and protect this property while in their possession. All acquisitions of government-owned property should be reported to the ORNL Subcontractor-Held Property Coordinator using the “Subcontractor Property Acquisition Form.” The ORNL Subcontractor-Held Property Coordinator may provide a government bar-code tag to be placed on the property. Other subcontractor responsibilities regarding property include:

  • Providing contact information to ORNL,
  • Completing the Property Management System Self-Evaluation Questionnaire when requested,
  • Completing an annual inventory when requested by ORNL,
  • Promptly reporting any lost, stolen, cannibalized, contaminated, or contaminated property,
  • Submitting final inventory at closeout for property clearance,
  • Following disposition instructions received from ORNL